There’s nothing like having someone around who has a handy skill with clogged traps and blocked drains to help get you through common plumbing perils around the house. However, if you’re home alone, with no friends, family, or partner in sight to come to your rescue, learning a thing or two about unclogging drains and fixing weak showers can help in a major way.

Here are a few tips from the DIY network to get you started:

Unblocking Traps

Blockages often find happen in traps. While snakes can unclog a number of different traps, you first have to dismantle your sink to allow you to get to the blockage and remove it. The first step is to undo the sink trap. Grab a bowl to put under it in order to catch water and keep spills to a minimum. Then remove the blockage-usually made up of dirt, debris, and hair. Put the trap in a bucket filled with clean water. Start cleaning the dirt and debris off; an old toothbrush will come in handy. When that’s done, put the trap back in place.

Unclogging the Sink Drain

Clogged bathroom sinks are a common problem. So, it’s about time you knew a work-around solution. First, you have to remove the spring tab. This is connected to the drain plug adjustment arm. If you haven’t seen one before, a quick Google search will familiarize you with the parts you’re looking for. After that, remove the ball valve, which you’ll find in in the sink trap. Then, take out the pop-up plug and remove the debris that is clogging the sink.

Fixing Weak Water Shower Pressure

It’s hard to take a satisfying shower when all you get is a dribble of water. Unscrew the showerhead, then the spray plate, and submerge that in a descaling solution. Leave it in the solution for the recommended amount of time, as per the instructions on the bottle. Then flush out any remaining buildup from the inside of the pipes before putting it all back together again.

Asking for Help

Learning how you can fix these problems can help you deal with a tricky plumbing situation that much faster. However, if you don’t have the time to learn these techniques yourself, then you should always have our number on hand to help. For quality plumbing services, it pays to get in contact with us at Mister Plumbers.

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