Plumbers-Toronto-Leaky-FaucetA leaky faucet can really sap money out of your pocket. If the leak is in a faucet that you do not often use, like in a basement sink or outdoor shower, the leak can continue on, unnoticed for months. The longer it goes, the more money you waste.

Thankfully, fixing the problem is usually fairly straight forward. Sometimes you can do it yourself, others, the problem is more serious and needs to be handled by a pro. This is especially true if the underlying problem is something you can’t see on the surface…

Here are the most common causes of a leak in your faucet by Toronto plumbers:

1. Your Washers are Worn Down and Need to Be Replaced

This is very common and easily fixable. Your washers prevent extra water from coming out around the opening of the faucet or around the base. If they’re not able to perform their job because they are worn thin or have holes in them, the water will sneak past.

Often, this can be as simple as replacing the washer. A plumber or someone with experience might have to help as the washers are not always easy to remove and put back into place. Making sure the washers are working is your first line of defense against that leak leading to big bills.

2. Corroded or Broken Valve Seats

What is your valve seat?

It’s the place where the spout and faucet are connected. It’s job is to keep the water in line and as compressed as possible so the flow is steady and normal. Too much pressure and the pipe will burst.

Minerals and debris will corrode the valve seat and weaken it over time.

This is best replaced by a Toronto plumber. You can also have your local plumber inspect and clean your existing valve seats. This will keep them working and put off having to replace the unit, as the part can be fairly costly.

3. Bad Seal

A broken, corroded, or damaged seal will cause leaks.

Have a plumber replace the seals in all of your faucets. This is a great preventative measure and will keep the leaks at bay.

4. Broken Pipes

When pipes burst and break, major damages follow. Most people think of flooding when the pipes break, and the should, but this can also cause faucets to drip non stop.

If you suspect your pipes are damaged, call a plumber asap. This can be an extremely expensive problem to fix if you allow the damage to spread.

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