Statistically speaking, all home owners will have to address a clogged toilet. While the symptoms are obvious, the cause may not be easy to identify.

Here are some of the most common reasons toilets clog, along with information regarding how to prevent them.

Terrorized by Toilet Paper

One of the common causes of toilet clogs is easy to identify; it’s your toilet paper. Though thicker, multi-ply versions may be more comfortable, they can wreak havoc on your plumbing. This includes some of the moist “flushable” wipes, which tend to be thicker and even less likely to dissolve. Using an excessive amount can also result in issues.

First, limit your toilet paper use to necessity only and teach young children how to properly use toilet paper. You may want to change to a single-ply version, as this will dissolve more easily. If you can’t image sacrificing your premium toilet paper, you might want to institute a “courtesy flush” part of the way through this common hygiene routine.

Unapologetic Unflushables

Not everything is designed to safely travel through your plumbing. Small children may enjoy watching items swirl around the toilet bowl, but these objects can easily become stuck. Additionally, some items, such as tampon applicators, may not be designed to be flushed down the drains.

Make sure to monitor small children in the bathroom and explain what should not go in the toilet. The only safe things to flush are human waste and toilet paper. When in doubt, do not flush it.

Main Line Mayhem – Home Made and Natural

If your main line becomes clogged it could manifest as a clogged toilet. Grease build up starting from the kitchen can stick to pipes making it harder for waste to pass through. Sending food scraps through a disposal can lead to problems. This is another case where it is wise to only send water and soap down the drain. Even if you do everything right, you cannot prevent materials like leaves from ending up in your pipes.

Septic Leach Lines for Double Trouble

Septic tanks have leach lines that filter materials, allowing water to return to the ground. If this becomes clogged, then nothing is leaving the tank. Eventually, this can result in the tank overfilling, possibly leading to clogged toilets. You can avoid this issue by regularly servicing your septic system.

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