The colder it gets, the more your Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York home’s plumbing is effected.

Knowing the warning signs of the most common winter time plumbing problems can help you avoid them and help keep you from paying out huge money in repair bills.

1. Pipes Bursting

This is the biggest and most common problem.

The colder it gets, the more your pipes, especially those under your home are at risk. Freezing night time temperatures are often the cause of the problem. So is lack of adequate heating.

If the pipe in question is in use often, like those running to the sinks or showers in the home, they need to be repaired by a professional and insulated from the cold weather. Insulating them will help protect them from freezing and bursting again in the future.

Failure to do so can result in major flooding. And, not only is the plumbing effected by also your floors, walls, and you run the risk of having a mold infestation.

Its best to have a plumber check out the pipes before it gets too cold. Insulating them first can prevent the bursting from ever happening.

2. Broken Water Haters

This is probably the second most common problem. When the weather gets frigid, the hot water heater has to work harder to warm your water. This can cause older units to break down from the stress.

Strange noises, lower water temperatures, and water near the unit are signs that the heater is breaking down. Its always best to have this checked by a pro. If you can replace or fix the unit before it breaks, you can save yourself from flooding and electrical problems in the basement.

3. HVAC Problems

Furnaces and heating systems often wait till the coldest part of the winter to fail. If you hear loud noises or notice the fan is running in the heater constantly, you could have a major heating failure very soon. Get a qualified HVAC expert to inspect the heating system or furnace in your home. Sometimes, it’s as simple as replacing one small part. But, by not replacing the part, you risk the entire unit breaking.

That’s when the big costs start rolling in.

4. Septic Back Ups

This happens year round but people often forget to check their septic systems in the winter. This can be done alone or with the help of a Mister Plumber. Do this early and save yourself money and a whole lot of trouble.

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