A completely clogged kitchen drain requires more effort to clear than a slow drain problem. This is not a situation where chemical drain cleaners are your best choice. The job will be messy but should not take long to repair. Do not begin this project if you have already poured chemicals into the drain. Those chemicals will need to be removed before you start.


  • Plumbers wrench, slip joint pliers or channel locks
  • Plumber’s snake
  • Bucket that fits under trap
  • Plenty of rags for clean up

Begin by removing as much standing water from the drain as possible.

Remove everything from under the kitchen sink.

Place an empty bucket under the trap, U- or J-shaped pipe, for the kitchen sink.

Loosen the upper connection for the trap. It may be a nut connector that turns or a screw attachment for rubber pipe. Allow standing water to drain from the pipe above the trap. Complete the disconnection for the upper connector. Empty the collection bucket to reduce the chance of overfilling.

Loosen the second connector for the trap. Allow any standing water in this part of the system to drain and then empty the collection bucket if needed.

Remove the trap section. It will most likely be full of water and the debris that is causing the blockage.

Clean out the trap with a snake or rinse it with water. Do not allow any debris to return to your drain system. This part of the project is best completed outside.

At this stage, a plumber’s snake should be run through both open ends of the kitchen drain system. There may be more build up on the down side of the trap connection.

Reattach the trap, reversing the disconnection process. Run water in the sink to test for leaks and ensure that the clogged drain has been cleared.

If the kitchen drain is still completely clogged, a professional plumber should be consulted.


Coffee grounds, garden soil and heavy grease all contribute blocking kitchen drainage systems. Do not flush coffee grounds down your sink. Vegetable peels can also form clogs. Use a compost pile for this debris if possible. After gardening, wash your hands outside or wipe the excess dirt off first. Fats that are solid at room temperature should not be flushed down a kitchen drain.

Keep your drains clear by flushing them with hot water or a hot water and vinegar mix on a monthly basis. If you use a garbage disposal, run it completely and flush the drain thoroughly with cold water.

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