Finishing the basement area in your home is a great way of adding additional square footage to your living area. It could also increase the value of your house. Experts estimate that a professionally finished basement has a return investment equal to about 75 cents on the dollar, and is two to three times more cost effective than buying a bigger home, or extending your present one. Installing a water supply and drainage system is an important first step to this upgrade.


List of Items Needed

  • Detailed plans of work to be completed
  • Approved permits from your local authority
  • Licensed plumber
  1. Map out the locations of all your new basement systems. You’ll need to know the types of appliances and fixtures you plan on installing and their positions in the finished basement. Any appliance or fixture that requires a water supply needs to be considered and planned for.

  2. Decide on the type of pipe material you want to run. Copper is the preferred material because of its durability, PEX or CPVC are other excellent choices. A plumber will give you a detailed description of the benefits of each.

  3. Plan for the drainage system. This is often more difficult in a basement because the basement floor is often lower than the main sewer line. This problem can usually be overcome by the installation of a basement-specific system. Below-ground pipes, up-flushing systems, macerating and composting systems are options; as well as sewage ejector systems or tank and pump units. Consult a licensed plumber for details on what will work best in your situation.

  4. Hire a professional. Unless you have plumbing experience, you should probably hire a licensed professional to carry out the work. The plumber will deal with the local ordinances and ensure the work is up to code and will pass inspections by the local authority.


Tips and Warnings

  • If you hire a professional to do the work, choose someone with experience in this type of work. Shop around and compare several bids; bear in mind though, the cheapest may not be the best.
  • You must obtain all necessary permits before work commences. Your local authority will require detailed plans that will need to adhere to the specific codes required in your area.
  • Consult your home owners association (if you have one) before you carry out any work.


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