PVC sewer cleanoutsMost Toronto homeowners are known to take for granted the toilets, water heaters and the faucets only to panic when they stop working. What follows is an alarm call to a plumbing service company which makes them spend a huge amount of money. Mister Plumber in Toronto recommends regular care and maintenance in order to prevent most of the breakdowns which are typically caused and require plumbing repair.

It is recommended that homeowners frequently have their ancient boilers, water heaters, toilets and other home appliances checked, maintained or replaced with modern and more efficient models.

Clogged Drains Require a Toronto Plumber

Most clogged drains can be avoided by taking great care in what you have placed in your sink. The sink drain is known to be the most used and the frequently clogged drain inside a house. It is advisable to have a professional plumber perform a regular treatment using either a bio-clean or a biological drain cleaner. Always consider having your old faucets replaced with those that use the washerless valve cartridges instead of the rubber washers too. Having both of these types of services and changes will keep your sinks working effectively for a long time.

Do You Have Leaking Pipes?

Leaking pipes can cause huge damage to your floors if they are left to leak. In order to prevent the small leaks from developing into massive ones, have an expert plumber do a periodic check for white lime or rust which might be a sign of leakage. They will also be able to suggest a plan of action to fix any leaks that are found so your home is safe and leak free.

Beware of Leaking Water Heaters

It is recommended that you have a plumber check for leaks from your water heater. The leaks are usually indicated at the bottom of the storage tanks. This generally happens when the water heater is timeworn, and the only solution you might have is to have it replaced with a modern and efficient model. Most of the water heaters usually have a life span of up to 7 years.

Running and Leaking Toilets Are a Problem

Leaking toilets are known to cause the homeowners lots of money just in water usage. If your notice your water bill is more than usual, it is a good idea to have your plumbing checked. You may need toilet repairs. The mechanisms generally vary, but they are usually based on the same principles. The experts know what to look for when it comes to leaking toilets, and typically have the parts and tools need to fix a leak on the spot.

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