Inside of PVCEverybody’s heard it either once or twice, when your hear noise that sounds like water running, whistling through pipes, or even some vibration in the walls, most likely it is from your home’s plumbing system. If you are wondering what’s causing such noise and want to get down to the bottom of it, read on below as we discuss different types of noise your plumbing system can make.

Plumbing Noises You can Identify

Hissing: When you hear a hissing type of noise from you plumbing system, most likely it will be from a faucet that is slightly opened. This occurs from excessive water pressure.

Thudding: If you hear thudding sounds accompanied by loud banging noises, you may be experiencing water hammer. The noise is caused by reverberating wave of pressure in the water which has no place to go.

Chattering & Screeching: These noises stem from valves and faucets being turned on, that are coming from loose or defective internal parts. The best way to get rid of these noises is to replace the defective parts.

Unidentifiable Noise: Sounds we can’t identify such as creaking, squeaking, tapping, etc. Are commonly caused by an expansion in your copper pipes that comes from them using hot water. By installing foam insulation around the pipes in your home, you may be able to reduce the noise, but also help your pipes from freezing.

Common Plumbing Noise Causes

Water Pressure

When the water pressure is extremely high, you can hear vibration within your pipes. This can cause long-term damage to your home’s plumbing system. The normal amount your water pressure should be at is around 40-60 PSI. If you notice that your system is pushing out higher numbers, try using a pressure-reducing value to help solve your problem. You can attach it to your main incoming plumbing line.

Water Hammer

If you have experienced a big thump that shakes your home or a bunch of banging noises that start with one loud sound then followed by echoes, you could be expecting some type of water hammering. For those that don’t know what that means; water hammer is when a pressure from waters moving through pipes suddenly stops or changes direction. The momentum change and pressure will cause the loud noises you may hear.

To prevent this type of noise from happening, it is best to install a AA-size water hammer arrester on your pipe located near the shut-off valve. You can find a water hammer arrester at any local plumbing supply store.

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