brassThe onset of rainy season with water splashed all around is one of the best times to enjoy with family and friends. The wet, cool, and splendid days color clouds in different shades and paint the earth back to life.

Nevertheless, monsoons are known to affect the peace of our homes and offices. Plumbing issues often crop-up around this time. Tap wear and tear is the most common amongst all. The unrelenting tap leakage sound not only does wake you up at night, but also persistently reminds you of the mounting utility bills.

While the problem is simply unavoidable, there are ways to settle these little nuisances immediately. This article attempts to throw light on different ways to fix pesky leaks without losing your mind and peace.

Well firstly, it is essential to understand the primary reason causing tap dripping in the first place.

Highlighted below are some of the common factors:

Damaged Valve: One of the major reasons of tap leakage is the worn out valve that needs to be replaced straight away. In order to ascertain the right size of the faucet, its measurement needs to be carefully taken – both before as well as after the removal of the tap.

Spikes in the Water Pressure: At times, you may find that your faucet drips only at certain hours of the day. This happens due to change in water pressure. High water pressure prevents its smooth flow and leads to overflow in the toilet tank.

Damaged Parts: A steady water leakage is frequently a sign of replacement in the washer inside the faucet itself. Other worn-out parts may include ball faucets, rings, and inlet/outlet seal.
To maintain good plumbing lines you can follow one of the two ways as mentioned below:

Do-it-yourself (DIY) – If you have enough patience, energy, and time, you can yourself inspect issues resulting in water drainage by:

  • Regularly checking pipes for rust, corrosion, and other mineral deposit
  • Replace washers to ward away leaky faucets
  • Turn on fixture valves periodically
  • Check water heating unit
  • Check for water contamination
  • Inspect tank in every five years

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