If you have a clogged bathroom sink, there is no need to look for a plumber to solve this problem. Free your clogged bathroom sink yourself. Read this article to know how.

Use de-clogging chemicals

If your sink is clogged, the first thing that you can do to try to solve this problem is to use de-clogging chemicals. You can find this at the supermarket. Purchase one and pour about a tablespoons of it right into the drain. Let the chemicals sit in the drain for several minutes before you try to find out if worked. De-clogging chemicals work by dissolving the gunk that is clogging the drain, which you can then simply wash away once the clogging material is dissolved. If the de-clogging chemicals didn’t work the first time, try putting more chemicals the second time. You can then proceed to the next suggestion if using the chemicals doesn’t seem to be effective.

Use a plunger

You can then try using the plunger to unclog your sink. Get a plunger and fill your sink with water just enough that it will cover the plunger head. Then, block the overflow with a rug to ensure that pressure from the plunger into the pipe will not escape. Once ready, place the plunger in the sink to cover the drain. And with force, quickly pump the plunger several times. After that, remove the plunger from the sink so you can determine if it worked. You can try using the plunger again another couple of times if it didn’t work the first time before you move on to the next step.

Remove the P-trap

If the clogged material is located in the P-trap and it won’t be freed with the two previous methods, you can manually remove the clogged material. First, you must remove the P-trap. Use a wrench to loosen the nuts that keep the P-trap in place. Be sure to have a bucket directly underneath the P-trap to catch the trapped water that will flow out of the pipes once the P-trap is loosened. Then, once the P-trap is removed, determine where the clog is and take this out. Flush the P-trap with running water to thoroughly clean it and then return this back in place under the sink.

Use a plumber’s snake

If you know of someone who has a plumber’s snake, try to borrow this device. Otherwise, find a plumber that you can rent a plumber’s snake from. Use this device if the gunk is trapped beyond the P-trap. Remove the P-trap and feed one end of the plumber’s snake into the opening of the pipe. Keep inserting the device until you reach a block, and then try to remove clogged gunk.

Avoid frequently using de-clogging chemicals because of its corrosive effect on metal pipes.

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