Septic Tank Issues torontoIt is a fact that most Toronto homeowners tend to forget completely about their septic system. It could be either because, well, it’s not really something to get all excited about or maybe it’s just a question of out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, out of sight or not, this is not something that you can afford to ignore for too long. This is after all, the place where all the waste accumulates.

The good news is, maintaining the septic system and tank is not as difficult as you may have thought. Simply following these few do’s and don’ts will help keep it functioning efficiently for several years.


Do get a professional plumber to inspect the system for potential problems at least once a year.

Do make sure that you have a lint filter on your washing machine so that the link does not drain off with the water. Link can accumulate and in the drains and cause an obstruction in the smooth flow of water through the pipes.

Do take the time to learn where the septic tank and drainfield of your home are located. This will help save a lot of time and trouble when you have service visits for sewer maintenance.

Do put proper measures in place to make sure that the water from driveways and roof drains do not flow directly into the tank as this could cause it to get overwhelmed and it could start overflowing.

When you are cleaning up the kitchen sink, wash basins, toilets and the tub, try as much as possible to use environmentally friendly solutions. If you need to use commercial disinfectants and cleaners, use them only sparingly as these contain toxic substances that can kill the beneficial bacteria in the system.

Do get a permit from the health department before doing any repair work on the sewage system.


Do not throw solid wastes into the drains as this can cause a blockage after some time.

Also avoid throwing items that are non-biodegradable such as pampers, tampons and any type of plastic items.

Do not try to repair the drains or septic system yourself as the toxic fumes can be very dangerous. When you need to get any repair work done it is important to get it done by a professional contractor who is licensed.

Avoid planting deep rooted trees or large plants anywhere around the drain field as these roots tend to spread out in search of water and may damage the underground water-filled pipes.

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