Dog and cat hair can be one of the most frustrating plumbing problems to deal with in any Toronto home. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By making a few changes here and there and paying closer attention to what Fido or Fluffy do, many of today’s most common plumbing problems related to pets can be easily avoided.

To make sure your dog or cat does not shed large amounts of hair down the drain and into the pipes of your Toronto home, here are some tips you can follow to keep everything clear.

No Litter Down the Toilet

Flushable litter may sound like a timesaving product, but the truth is it is a product that will guarantee you’ll pay for some large plumbing bills at some point. That’s due to it going down the toilet and winding up in the pipes, where it stays and sets up like concrete.

Between the litter, hair, and other debris inside the litter, you’ll have plenty of problems for a plumber to fix. To keep this from happening, forget the flushable litter and instead use regular litter, then dispose of it in a trashcan.

Make the Bathtub Drain a No-Hair Zone

If you want to make bathing your dog or cat an even more pleasant experience, make sure the tub’s drain and pipes below are a no-hair zone. If you don’t, you’ll be calling a plumber soon after the bathing is finished.

That’s because the dog or cat hair will go down the drain and into the pipes, where it will form large clogs that won’t want to disappear. In these cases, you’ll need a plumber to clear the clog. By using a drain strainer during each bath, you’ll keep most of the pet hair from going down the drain.

Dogs and the Toilet

Strangely enough, there seems to be a love affair between dogs and the water in the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, that love affair often leads to large clogs below the toilet at some point. Each time the dog drinks from the toilet, some of its hair sheds into the water, then gets flushed into the pipes.

This leads to clogs building up over time, which may get quite large and need the services of a Toronto plumber to remove. To avoid this, keep the dog out of the bathroom and instead be sure his actual water bowl is full of clean, fresh water.

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