Plumbing problems can be a nightmare for any Toronto homeowner. There are a number of warning signs that you can look out for, and spotting these early can sometimes lead to less expensive repairs. Whether you require a broken pipe to be fixed, a well pump replacement or your taps checked, here are three common plumbing warning signs to look out for in your Toronto home.

1. Damp in the Wall

Damp can be very unpleasant in any home. Not only does it look very unattractive, but also mold spores can lead to various health problems, so all in all it is not a good thing to have.

However, many people too often ignore damp when they see a patch on the wall or ceiling, thinking that it is probably nothing to worry about or hoping that it will go away entirely. But the early stage is the time to get damp looked into. The longer you leave it, the worse the damage could become. It could simply be a case of a broken pipe that needs fixing, for which you can call out your local plumber. This could help you to avoid a more serious leak and save you money on making more extensive repairs.

2. Pump Problems

If you get your water from a well and the water supply is not coming through properly, for example the pressure is low, the supply is intermittent or there is no water coming out at all, it could be a problem with your well pump.

Call a plumber to take a look at it for you. You may need a well pump replacement service, or you may simply need it to be repaired. If you do need a well pump replacement, ask your plumber to recommend a good one for you.

3. Stuttering Faucets

If your faucets start stuttering, don’t ignore it. Sometimes a tap can start to stutter and then stop soon after and not cause any more problems, and this is not usually indicative of a problem. However, if the faucet continues to stutter, or other faucets in your home all start to stutter, it could mean you have a problem that needs looking into.

It could indicate trapped air, or it could mean that your pipes have a crack in them somewhere, or a more serious break. This could occur on the main water line that comes into your home, and it will need fixing by a professional. So don’t just ignore the problem but instead get it checked out.

Be Alert for Plumbing Warning Signs

Never ignore a plumbing warning sign, no matter how minor you may think it is. If the problem goes away soon after, it may be nothing to worry about. However, if any of the above problems persist, call out your local plumber to fix the leak, check your pipes or arrange a well pump replacement to give you peace of mind.

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