I am taking care of my Father’s home while he is in the hospital. I have numerous concerns at his house which was built back in 1951. My immediate repair, to try you guys out & get an idea of your pricing, so the #1 problem as described here is where I’d like to start to use your services & based on that work I will go to the other issues.

1 – The outside water valve in the driveway and the basement shut-off to outside valve are both leaking. I have a bucket in the basement collecting the leak and the outside is leaking in the driveway. The leak started when I turned the valves on to wash my car. The washers & gaskets have probably dried out from none use.

2 – This will be based on your work for #1. When I have a shower there is a leak into the basement. It’s not the drain. It looks like the water pipe in the wall in the bathtub shower is leaking. There is an indication that this has been going on for sometime as my Father has known about it but never had it fixed. It is a major concern for me.

3 – I want to go over the kitchen and bathroom valves & drains for washers & gaskets that are in need of repair.

I have read the reviews for your company and see that you have a very good record, so let’s try the #1 issue and go from there.

Scarborough, ON

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