Your Toronto, ON home should be a stress-free beacon of comfort in your life. Unfortunately, for homeowners with plumbing problems, it can be a tremendous source of frustration.

If your toilet is flushing unusually slowly, or if you need to hold down the flushing handle for longer than usual, you may be experiencing one of these common issues.

1. Low Tank Water Levels

If you open up the back of your toilet seat and take a look in you may notice that there is water in there.

It is important to set the toilet water tank levels to the right height in order to have a properly flushing toilet. So if water levels look low this could be one potential reason why your toilet continues to flush slowly.

2. Older Toilet or Hard Water

Be really honest with yourself. How long have you had that toilet? Many Chicago homeowners can barely answer that question. You’d be surprised at the number of antiquated toilets we replace every year! You’d also be surprised at how many of them, at face value, can resemble a newer toilet.

If answering this question is really difficult,  it might well be that you have a old toilet on your hands.

Having an older toilet can make it difficult for your toilet to perform it’s normal flushing duties, not to mention that hard water is more difficult to flush. Older toilets tend to have build up which stops a normal flow of water.

3. Clogged Toilet

This may seem like an obvious cause of a slow-flushing toilet however, what is going on in a toilet can sometimes be disguised. The early morning rush to get out the door could have caused something to drop in the toilet. Or maybe one of the children saw the toilet as a great potential play object. Whatever it may be, if there is something stuck in the way of water flowing down the toilet it will certainly cause a slow flush.

A slow flushing toilet can be very annoying. Not to mention the constant fear that at any moment you could be without a toilet. Don’t be too concerned, however! Know that most potential causes of a slow-flushing toilet can be easily fixed or handled with a simple call to your local plumber. Remember, the longer you wait to get it fixed the worse it will be.

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