Water jetters, or water jetting machines, are used for various purposes. They have the ability to cut through different materials and they can also be used for cleaning or eliminating dirt on surfaces. This product can also be used as a high-pressure steam.

How It All Began

This equipment was first used in 1852 in the state of California. They were also used as a cleaning tool in the 1900s, the meantime a variety of water jets began to develop. The high-pressure ones were one of the first to be developed. It was in 1960s when the high-pressured units were used in the mining industry. The most abrasive type was first used in the 1980s.

As the years progressed, the different types began to develop. Currently, the most innovative types are those that can be controlled with a computer In the past, they can only cut materials one at a time. This is time consuming and often requires a lot of money to get done. These days, the computer-controlled ones are used to spontaneously cut different materials altogether at a faster rate.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, water jets function with high-pressure steam. The steam allows an accurate finish as it emits a thin steam to cut through different surfaces. In fact, it can cut from gentle to hard materials. These include marble, granite, tissue, paper, plastic, wood, steel and many others.

The water pressures vary for every material. The typical pressure is within 20,000 to 55,000 pounds per square inch. In cleaning materials, the pressure ranges from small 1500 psi to 3500 psi units. Using water jets as cleaning materials ensure thorough cleaning. The grease, sludge, paints and even roots are quickly eliminated by means of steam pressure.

Practical Applications

Water jets are specially used in many industries. In building and construction, water jetting machines are used to cut patterns of flooring like stones and tiles.

In the manufacturing business, these machines are used to cut through intricate designs. Foams, rubbers, plastics and any other materials can be customized in an accurate manner. This is also used to cut diamonds, mirrors and other accessories.

This machinery is also an effective cleaner. Sewer and drain contractors usually make use of these equipment to clean the water inside and out. There are different kinds available depending on the requirements of the cleaning process.

Water jets also are used to cut through diapers and candy bars. In fact, all materials can be cut or cleaned by these machines. Most contractors use these machines to rout fiber optic cable.

Water jetters are versatile. To use it as a cleaning aid, be sure to visit Gorlitz Sewer & Drain for more details. They have a wide variety of water jetting machines to meet your cleaning requirements.

If you have a blocked, slow moving or smelly drain, a water jetter might be required. It works by sending a high pressure jet of water down the drain or sewer pipe, clearing away any obstructions and scrubbing the drain walls.

When should you choose a water jetter?

Typically, we will first send out one of our experienced drain plumbers with a drain machine / electric eel, as in most cases we will be able to clear your blockage on the first visit quickly and cost effectively.

If you have problematic sections of drain, we often recommend a water jetter to clear away loose debris, so that we can have our CCTV camera crew send in a camera to inspect the drain visually. We will then organise our fully qualified plumbers to replace the faulty section of drain, or perform a trenchless relining.

Professional Toronto drain repairs

After your drain has been cleaned, our water jetter specialist will organise an appointment with our fully qualified Toronto drain plumbers who are experienced in all types of drain repair / replacement and trenchless relining.

If your drainage issue is urgent, Mister Plumber can provide genuine 24 hour emergency blocked drain clearing. Our drain plumbers all carry a drain machine and in most cases we are able to clear the blockage there and then. For the trickier jobs, we can arrange a water jetter for you who will arrive ASAP.

Remember that our Toronto plumbers always guarantee to arrive on time and carry all the stock needed to solve most plumbing problems in just one visit.

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