Things you can do yourself:

  • Replacing fixtures in Toronto – Replacing a faucet or faucet washers is a job that most Toronto homeowners can do provided that the proper steps are taken. If you’re working with and older home, you’ll need to shut off the water supply to the entire home. Newer homes have shut-off valves on every line leading to a fixture so shutting off the entire water supply is unnecessary.
  • Drain Pipes in Toronto – Extending an ABS drain pipe is a DIY job as long as you’re just putting in a new sink or washing machine drain. This involves either adding to or cutting away from the drain and using the proper connectors. If you need a pipe hooked to the main line, it would be wise to call a Toronto professional.

When you should hire a professional:

  • Emergencies – When water enters the home and floods a certain area, objects in the room as well as the structure can be ruined if the problem isn’t immediately fixed. The majority of plumbing companies have 24/7 service so you have the problem fixed immediately
  • Home Additions – If you’re building or attaching a new plumbing system into your home, you’ll needed an experience professional to handle the job because there are so many aspects to consider; making sure the pressure is even throughout the system, attaching new pieces on to the old system and proper venting. Further, having hot water may require the installation of an entirely new system.
  • New Construction – A plumber will need to follow blueprints created by an engineer to install a plumbing system that is suitable for the house.

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