Concerns about the quality of your Toronto home tap water are unfortunately common, and people often have different reasons to be concerned. For example, some have legitimate health concerns about the particles and bacteria that are found in home drinking water, and they may fear for their well-being and for the well-being of their loved ones.

Other people may be more concerned about the unusual taste or smell of their water, and they may want to drink water that tastes fresher.

If you have these or other similar concerns, you may be looking into a water filter installation service so that you can improve the quality of your home’s tap water.

There are numerous benefits that you can experience through the installation of a new filtration system, and these benefits include:

Chlorine and Bacteria

1. If your Toronto home home’s drinking water is impacted by everything from chlorine to bacteria, it may look, taste and even smell unusual, and this can make you shy away from drinking it.

With the installation of a water filtration system, these impurities and elements in the water can be removed, and the result is a purer, cleaner form of water that looks, tastes and smells better.

Your water filtration specialist can complete a water test so that you can learn more about the elements that are in your drinking water and so that the best filtration system for your home can be installed.

Possible Lead in Your Water

2. You may not realize it, but lead can be found in trace amounts in your home tap water, and this lead ultimately can make you and your loved ones sick. In fact, lead has been associated with the development of some types of cancer, serious birth defects and many other unfortunate consequences. You can easily get a filtration system that removes lead from the water that you drink, and this can be a true health benefit for you and your family.

Invest and Save Money

3. You actually may be able to save money by investing in a water filtration system. Consider that the alternative is to purchase expensive bottled water, and this cost can add up over time. With a filtration system, you may for the water filter installation service and new filters from time to time, but there is not a daily cost to use water bottles. This is also a more eco-friendly solution in comparison to using plastic water bottlers.

Remove the Chlorine

4. Chlorine is a common element that is found in many home water supplies, and chlorine byproducts are also found in this water. Exposure to chlorine is linked to rectal, colon and bladder cancer, so it is important to remove the chlorine from the water that you consume. Using a water filtration system is one of the easiest and most effective ways to de-chlorinate your home’s drinking water for health and well-being.

pH Balance of Water

5. When you think about investing in a water filtration system, you may think about the filter taking particles out of the water, but you may not think about the pH balance of water. The reality is that some home tap water is more basic or acidic than what your body needs for optimal health and well-being.

By using a carbon block in the filter, you can improve the pH balance of the water. This also has a positive impact on the smell, taste and look of the water because the carbon block filters the water.

Functionality of Your Immune System

6. In order for your body’s immune system to function properly, it needs to have an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water. This can boost the immune system and help it function better, and this can ultimately decrease your likelihood of developing other illnesses.

Children’s Immune System

7. Children’s immune systems are particularly prone to illness, and their bodies are less equipped to tolerate substances like lead, chlorine, bacteria and more that are in tap water. If your goal is to keep your kids as healthy as possible, you want to supply them with fresh, clean, healthy drinking water. A filtration system can help you to accomplish this goal.

Tap Water

8. Tap water may be used for drinking and brushing teeth, but it is also used in large quantities for cooking. When you cook with food that is contaminated with chlorine, lead, bacteria and other pathogens, these toxins and elements get into the food that you consume. For the healthiest food, use filtered water to cook.

Common Illnesses

9. Many of the causes of gastrointestinal illnesses are linked to home tap water. For example, cryptosporidium and giardia are two of the common pathogens that are linked to gastrointestinal illness in those of all ages.

A home filtration system can filter out these particles to prevent illness, and it can also filter out other pathogens that cause gastrointestinal upset. In fact, the right filter may reduce your chance of getting this type of illness by up to 33 percent.

Location Variations

10. Tap water in different locations varies, but some home tap water has has many as 2,100 unique toxins in it. These have the ability to harm your health in different ways, and your home’s filtration system is essentially your list defensive measure against these pathogens and toxins.

As you can see, there are many benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in water filter installation service. These are all benefits that can be yours when you invest in the right filtration system.

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