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I have a leak under the kitchen sink, water is dripping at the bottom of the flexible hose connected to the kitchen KWC faucet. I can not see water coming from anyother place. I got a replacement hose from the manufacturer in case there is a hole in existing hose. It is leaking at least 1.5 cups of water a day.


I need the thermostatic control cartridge in the shower replaced. I have no adjustment of temperature. I have a new cartridge from manufacturer. I live in a 40 yr old condo with lots of calcium buildup. I need a plumber very experienced with this matter (thermostatic controls). If I return the old cartridge in one piece , it must not be broken, I will get my money back for it.


The clicker stopper in the bathroom vessel sink does not work. I have a new one which needs to be installed.


I have a modern faucet for vessel sink in bath with a thin pencil shaped 2 inch long lever that is loose and the screw needs to be tighten by going thru the tip of the handle to where it is joined to the faucet, so the plumber needs to have a very thin screwdriver to put inside the handle to tighten the screw.

Thank you.

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