Basement-main-drainHave you suddenly woken up to a clogged drain or backup in the toilet? Septic backup can be caused due to a number of problems and it is often difficult to diagnose the reason for this backup on your own. But don’t sit back and hope for the problem to go away on its own because it could mean that your entire septic system is damaged in some way and it may require immediate attention.

Before you try to find the reason for the backup, you should also know how to recognise the backup or any other problem with the system. An unpleasant smell inside your house or near the location of your tank is one way to figure out if something is wrong. You should also look for gurgling noises in the flush or back-ups in the plumbing.

Reasons for Septic Tank Backup

Why are you suddenly getting back-up in your toilets and drains? The most common reason is sludge in the pipes. This can occur if you haven’t maintained the system or got it cleaned regularly.

The septic tank may also have broken pipes or a tree roots may have got into cracks in the wall. There may also be other problems like inadequate bacteria or too much grease that has collected somewhere along the line.

How to Deal with Septic Tank Problems

Even if you are tempted to open the system and take a look at it, don’t! A septic system is very complicated and it can be very difficult to fix if you make a mistake. The best thing to do is to call a professional to take a look at what is wrong. If you are lucky, it may just be a small problem but even these problems need to be fixed professionally and immediately so that they entire system does not get damaged in the future.

Some common solutions to these problems are:

Repairing broken drain lines.

This can be done by a professional who has a camera that goes through the system and finds the break. Some of them may even use a dye which is sent through the pipes to find the break. If you have a broken pipe, get it replaced immediately and ideally ask for a fibreglass pipe because it lasts much longer than the old concrete or steel pipes.

Cleaning the tank.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your tank is essential to prevent a number of problems. If it is not pumped or cleaned regularly, tree roots may form cracks in the walls or mud and dirt may build up causing a blockage. The drain field may also have too much solid waste stuck in it. This needs to be pumped regularly so that the drains don’t get clogged and backup doesn’t start to appear in the various outlets.

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