If you have a sewer line, it is important to understand you have responsibilities to keep it in working order. While the municipality or county you live in is in control of the main line, you are in charge of the sewer line or lateral that connects to the city sewer line. The only exceptions are if the break occurs under public property where it joins up with the main line or through actions occurring on public property. Generally, any problems that occur on your property are your responsibility – and they can be an expensive one at that. You can, however, act proactively by arranging for a sewer cleaning service to inspect and clean your system on a regular basis. This should help reduce the potential problems that can arise.

Identifying Causes of a Sewer Problem

Professional Toronto plumbers are there to can take care of all your plumbing needs, including a sewer cleaning. They can help, but it is best if you can recognize on your own the signs that something is not right with your sewer system. This can help you address the problem before it becomes a serious one.

This begins with looking for potential causes of sewer system breakdown. Common problems are:

  • Trees: Trees add value and beauty to a property. They can also destroy the integrity of your sewer pipes. If you have a mature tree, be sure to notice its location in proximity to your home and pipe system. If you are planning to plant a young sapling, be sure not to plant to close to the pipes and never choose a species that is known to actively seek out water e.g. willows
  • Aging Pipes: Older pipes may require cleaning with greater frequency. They can also react to changing weather. They may freeze more easily in the winter. Pieces may also flake off as they age causing the material to build up in the pipe. This can create a clog.
  • Foreign Objects: If you have children, you known they drop various items in the toilet that were never meant to be flushed. Even adults accidently drop and flush materials that they regret they did. However, these same people may not be sorry about pouring grease down the sink drain. They should be. Grease, dirt and grime can create a clog that can result in a clog forming in the sewer system. If not addressed, it can become a serious problem.

By recognizing potential problems of sewer issues in advance, you can prevent them. By arranging for an inspection of your sewers followed by a general sewer cleaning, you are taking a proactive approach to reducing the cost to your family and pocketbook.

Toronto Sewer Cleaning

If you want to keep your sewers in excellent repair, consider the benefits of regular maintenance. Do not flush grease, grime dirt or foreign objects down the drains. Do not plant trees where their roots can break into the pipes. Replace pipes that are beyond their expiry date. Most of all, make sure you hire a qualified, professional sewer cleaning service such as those at Mister Plumber in Toronto, ON to ensure your pipes can functions at their best.

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