We love Toronto weather here at Mister Plumber. From the freezing winters to the sweltering summers, from the gentlest snow showers to the most intense rainstorms, the climate here isn’t quite like you’ll find anywhere else.

But with that unique weather comes a distinct set of plumbing problems. Heavy rains in the spring, sudden and intense thaws in the winter – all of these can lead to flooding, burst pipes, and backed up systems if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Fortunately, there’s one piece of plumbing technology that can help with all of these problems and more: the sump pump. This capable device is a pump used to remove excess water from basements and crawlspaces by piping it through your home’s wastewater system.

In our view, the humble sump pump is the unheralded hero of a Toronto spring. But just why is installing a sump pump such an important investment?

Here are three key reasons why your home should have a sump pump:

1.) Sump Pumps Help Prevent Flooding

This is the main purpose of the sump pump, and it’s one we all tend to take for granted until it’s too late. Without a properly functioning sump pump, your basement is at a higher risk of flooding, which can lead to massive inconvenience, thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage, and maybe even fires and electrical damage.

Because of Toronto’s old-fashioned sewer system, which is prone to backing up, many of our homes are at greater risk of flooding during flash floods or periods of heavy rain. Along with a backwater valve or an overhead sewer system, a sump pump is one of the surest ways to make sure your property stays safe and dry all year long.

2.) They Help Keep Your Home Looking Fresh

In addition to preventing catastrophes, sump pumps keep your home in proper working order day to day.

By getting rid of stagnant or standing water, your sump pump helps prevent mold and mildew from forming. Making a sump pump part of your home’s drainage system also helps keep water moving through your pipes, which means less of a risk for rust or corrosion in the long term. A functional sump pump can also work wonders for your home’s foundation, sometimes making all the difference between a cracked and intact foundation.

3.) A Sump Pump Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Because a sump pump means a safer, dryer basement, a more secure foundation, and a better-functioning plumbing and drainage system, having one can make a significant difference for the value of your home.

In fact, by some measures, having a professionally water-proofed basement (including a functional sump pump system) can lead to a 30% rate of return on your investment.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to check up on your sump pump! As we move further into spring, be sure to give your sump pump some much-needed care, and look into a replacement pump or backup system to really stay on top of intense rainfall as well as everyday moisture.

Whether you’re ready to install a sump pump or have your current pump maintained, we’re here to help!

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