Antique Cabinetry

Our plumbing customers may want to have their Toronto home’s bathroom remodeled with inventive designs that make it unique. Customers can shop in used furniture stores to find an antique chest of drawers or small cabinet that is suitable for making a bathroom sink vanity or storage space. While our customers probably don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of furniture for a bathroom, it is possible to find cabinets that have bargain prices.

Eco-Friendly Materials

For our customers who want to have an eco-friendly bathroom, it is possible to find fixtures that are made of environmentally safe materials. We can install low-flow toilets, showerheads and faucets that are made in factories that use recycled materials. Instead of using flooring created from plastic, we can source bamboo floor tiles. Rather than hanging vinyl shower and window curtains in a bathroom, use fabrics that dry quickly and are easy to launder.

Vintage Bathtub

If you enjoy an old-fashioned ambience in a home, then a vintage bathtub is perfect for a bathroom. You can choose cast-iron, copper or porcelain finish bathtubs that have unique shapes or claw-feet. Our customers might want to have a vintage bathtub installed in the middle of a bathroom rather than along a wall. It is also possible to have faucets placed at the middle of the bathtub’s long side instead of at a shorter end.

Mosaic Tiles

Having beautiful tile on your bathroom’s walls creates a gorgeous environment. Mosaic tiles are available in an assortment of colors and sizes to create unique patterns above sinks as backsplashes or around bathtubs to prevent damage to drywall. Because no two pieces of mosaic tile are the same, our customers can have walls in their bathrooms that are completely different from anyone else’s.

Spa Features

When our customers enjoy going to resort spas, we suggest creating a bathroom with similar features. It is possible to install a large soaker-style bathtub with whirlpool features such as water jets. For our customers who prefer showers, there are specialized showerheads that can provide massages. In a large bathroom, we can install steam rooms or saunas that offer therapeutic treatments. The addition of beautiful decor in a bathroom can also give the space a spa-like quality that leads to relaxation.

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