Copper repiping is a process that removes old plumbing pipes in order to replace them with new pipes. Galvanized iron pipes used to be the industry standard. The pipes used in modern plumbing are generally made of copper, which has a higher tolerance to corroding agents than iron. As the iron pipes corrode and begin to leak, expert repipe specialists in Toronto must be called to replace them.

Before hiring a repipe specialist in Toronto, it is important to determine whether or not the pipes will need to be replaced. Generally if the pipes are older than a quarter of a century they will at the very least require some servicing. There are indicators that plumbing has corroded and these signs should be paid special attention to. Brown or rusty water is a very big indicator of rust and corrosion in the pipes. Other indicators of corrosion include an unpleasant taste in tap water and leaky pipes.

If you’ve found your plumbing is demonstrating these signs of corrosion, contact a repipe specialist in Toronto as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem or putting it off will only cause the corrosion and subsequent water damage from the leaks to grow worse over time. The price for repairs from water damage is substantial, and potentially costlier than the fee for repair by repipe specialists.

Choosing the right repipe specialist in Toronto for the job is an important task. Try to find one that has at least 6 or more years of experience in the industry. A knowledgeable and experience expert will make the job go much more smoothly and quite a bit quicker. Ensure the repipe specialist in Toronto you’re selecting is licensed, and that their license is current. They should have five hundred thousand dollars of liability and workers’ comp insurance as a minimum.

These experts charge for their services either by the hour, or by the entire job. Make sure you agree on a price before work is started. Sometimes unexpected expenses do pop up and will add to the agreed upon price, but not always. Unfortunately these situations can’t usually be predicted (such as needing more copper fittings than initially estimated). The price is calculated from a number of different factors. A residential house will usually cost less to repipe than a commercial structure.

Getting a quote should be the first step when contacting the specialist in Toronto you’ve chosen to do the job. Most contractor call these estimates, as the price can increase if initial circumstances change. Try to get a guarantee from the contractor that says if problems arise or something breaks from their work, they’ll fix it at no cost to you. Repiping is not an easy task. A specialist should always be used for the procedure over a plumber. Plumbers simply do not have the kind of experience necessary to give the best kind of service in this situation. A plumber will probably charge a similar price as a repipe specialist, but the quality of work is likely to be noticeably beneath that of the expert.

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