Toronto-video inspection of sewer linesThe saying goes that prevention is to be preferred to dealing with a problem already formed. That adage is perfectly suitable to describe the right attitude to the ways of preventing problems with drains. Fats tend to accumulate in drains and form impressive lumps which block the passage. Massive formations can even be called fatbergs, and they can build up in sewers. It can be pointed out that approximately two thirds of drain blockages result from gradual buildup of fats and grease within the drains. When such problems occur in homes, householders have to bear the brunt of the costs and deal with the problem. But in the meantime blockages can incur hefty water bills.

It is worth pointing out that blockages can be avoided, and that is prevention worthwhile to implement. To avoid substances accumulating within drains, in the first place people should not pour any type of grease inside, because grease becomes hardened and is certain to entail blockages in the course of time, sooner or later. Prevention is easy to achieve, because when greasy tins, plates, pans, etc. are wiped off, the grease is removed and then washing is easy and leaves no greasy matter flowing down drains with the water. When the wipes become greasy, it is better to dispose of them rather than flush them.

When these simple measures are not taken, the results are dire: blocked drains, and especially the drains that fill the basement of the home with sewage water is a true nightmare. Then enters the Toronto plumber – there is no other way to deal with such massive problems than to call a professional. Toronto plumbers use wires, industrial sized snakes, less than an inch wide, and very long, of the order of hundreds of feet. These are used to ream sewer lines and identify the situation inside, find out obstructions.

Video inspections of sewer lines are great for identifying the situation and what should be done to resolve it. They are somewhat costly, but there is no better way of identifying leakages, broken lines, etc. The camera is hooked to the snake which is fed into the pipe. When there is slurry inside, the drain water has only a narrow passage to go through, and that is why the drain does not function properly. That slurry is formed by grease: kitchen grease is the common culprit for such buildup.

Professional Toronto plumbers know from practice that kitchen grease is prone to collect at some location within pipes, at a distance of 20 to 5 feet. That is so because at that distance the hot water from the tap becomes cool, so liquid grease starts to harden or solidify. Grease remains and attracts more grease, and in the course of time, which can take years, there is hefty buildup causing problems inside the water pipes.

The resolution to fixing sewer lines obstructed by grease clog is a high pressure spray washer. The washer is fed inside lines, gradually, like a snake. It can reach right to the sewer main, on the street or in the alley.

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