Water pouring out bottom of toilet in Etobicoke

I have nice tenants living in what used to be our father’s home, a small bungalow. My tenant called to say when they had a shower or used the kitchen sink water was pouring out the bottom of the toilet in the main bathroom. I called ANOTHER company ..

Major Clog in the Bathtub – Highly Recommended!

Highly Recommended | Bonnie in Toronto Vlod of Mister Plumber is professional and reliable. He is efficient and responds to our calls with very short notice. He is honest and we trust him, and he will take the time explain to us what exactly he has to do ..

Replace Very Old Plumbing Fixtures in Mississauga

Vlad delivered, I was impressed with his work | Jim Krystolovich in Mississauga I had to call in Vlad to replace two very old shut off valves in my house. The job was difficult, space was tight. They executed flawlessly, I was very pleased and would use h..

Bath Tub Removal in North York

Vladimir (Mister Plumber) was great! | Ivan in North York I had some renovations in the bathroom and among other things the bath tub should have been removed. I urgently needed a plumber to disconect the hot/cold and drain pipes and then to cap them, so w..

Down Drain Pipe & Cartridge Replacement

Vladamir was exceptional | m in Toronto Vladamir is very honest hard working and respectful individual on time , clean and dependable these traits are not easy to find I would highly recomend him without hesitation and also to mention resaonable rates .Th..

Repair burst pipes in Etobicoke

Cold spell + furnace out! | Junho Song in Etobicoke After explaining what had happened, Vlad was thorough in checking every possible location for burst pipe during cold spell. In all, 6 repairs were required and all were checked for leakage at full pressu..

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