Recently i been having problems w/ my one of the upstairs toilet.. only flushing properly on 2nd flush Had all toilets snaked last week and sink in laundry room.

All seemed fine. my 2nd toilet i dont really use upstairs.. but often i would detect a foul odor.. but toilet flushing ok.. not the best. W/ rain fall on weekend water accumulating around water tank in laundry room and all tiles wet.. no matter how much i wiped water was still accumulating around tank. called enbridge they said tank is not the problem , then opened furnace and instillation on floor inside was soaking wet. . advised to turn of air con and run fan to dry up and monitor for any more new flooding . none noticed and all dried up… but.. had another person come to see if air con or furnace is the problem and they say it looks like a back up on ground drain. in laundry room. and maybe cash basins , 2close to my home on road could be plugged. I live in town house condo… private.and to get them to fix anything is always impossible.. they wrote me today and gave some description of what belongs to me and them re. main line which i dont understand. and i should call a plumber… i was planning to change water tank, furnace.. b/c i have combo unit… but told it is working fine.. was going to change b/c of age of home 20 yrs…

i dont know what i should do… install a back valve , have plumber look and see again what the problem is w. toilet and what caused leak this past weekend. pls advise.

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