Basement flood protection with backwater valve installation

In Scarborough’s expanding cityscape, the surge in residential constructions puts a strain on underground sewer lines. During heavy rainfall, the risk of overflow increases, leading to potential wastewater backup into spaces below street level, such as basements. To combat this issue, engineers devised the backwater valve—an essential component that regulates the flow within your sanitary drain.

Basement flood protection with backwater valve installation

What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve comprises a body, gate with hinges, and an access hole. With a 4″ inlet and outlet matching the main drain or sewer line size, the body allows normal sewage flow to the municipal pipe. In the event of backflow, the gate automatically rises, sealing the pipe and preventing wastewater from entering the basement drain system. This mechanical device requires no homeowner reset, ensuring efficient protection.

Scarborough Homeowners’ Advantage

Scarborough residents can benefit from the City of Toronto’s flood subsidy programs, providing an 80% rebate (up to $1250) for backwater valve installation and other basement flood protection devices. To qualify, the installation must be done by a licensed Toronto contractor in a single-family dwelling. The rebate process, according to the city, takes up to three months.

Backwater valve installed in front yard serving property in Etobicoke

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Backwater Valve Installation Process

Mister Plumber recommends starting with a camera inspection of the underground drain and sewer line to identify the optimal installation location. The valve can be installed either inside or outside the basement. For finished basements or bathrooms adjacent to the front wall, an outside installation is advisable.

Backwater valve maintenance in Toronto

Typical steps for basement installation include:

– Breaking concrete at the main drain location
– Digging down to expose the pipe
– Removing a section of the drain to accommodate the backwater valve body
– Connecting the inlet and outlet of the valve to the pipe
– Backfilling and installing an access box after inspection
– Re-cementing the floor around the box and disposing of debris

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