Vlad came out to evaluate a bathroom leak that was evident through water damage on the kitchen ceiling below. He quickly identified one section of galvanized steel piping behind the bathroom faucets as the source of the leak. He said the rest was already upgraded and didn’t need to be touched. I accepted the reasonable quote with relief. A different plumbing company told me he would have to rip out 2-3 walls of the bathroom and to replace the plumbing and said it would take him 2 days for the work! He recommended a bathroom renovation. I then sought out contractors to do the work – none of the 6 different companies enlightened me as to the fact that most of the bathroom plumbing was updated and 2-3 walls would NOT have to be pulled down. They all recommended bathroom renovations estimated from $13,000 to $21,000! I was obviously glad to find an honest plumber like Vlad. Vlad sent out one of the other 3 Mister Plumber plumbers to do the replacement (they provided a good faucet that saved me time ) and the job was completed in under an hour. Unfortunately a leak was generated almost immediately from the faucet (the replaced piping was fine). It took me 30 days before I called Vlad back to report the problem. Vlad came to the house the same day and identified the problem as a faulty cartridge. He replaced it without any additional charge. It is now over a month since the last visit and I am satisfied with the work. I will use them again and have referred them to others already.

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