Septic Tank Issues torontoEven before you actually get to installing a septic tank, there are a number of things that need to be done. Some of these may be a little difficult to do and it is advisable to get a professional in the field to help you out.

Before the Installation

• Location: Location is very important. You need to find a spot that will fit all the components of the system. Remember to take into consideration the leech field and the drain pipes while doing so.

• Landscape: Once you have chosen the right spot to build the tank, you may realize that the trees surrounding it could get in its way. If there is any possibility of roots growing into the tank, you may have to get them taken down. Roots can damage the system and this will lead to very expensive repairs in the future.

• Permits: Some neighborhoods require permission from the Local Permit Office in order to set up a septic tank at home. You may also require a home inspection from the health department before you go ahead with your plans. Get a professional service that will ensure that the tank is built to fit the necessary specifications.

• Tank: Getting the right tank for your needs is very important. Since this can possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime investment, do not go in for a small tank just because you feel you won’t need more. Use the number of rooms in the house to calculate the maximum amount of water that will go down the drains and then choose the system based on these calculations. There is no point installing one that will not be enough for your home a few years later.

After the Installation

Once you have installed the entire system, the next step is to take care of it. If you do look after it well, it will last you for over 25 years without making you shell out huge amounts of money to change or repair it.

Firstly, start watching your water consumption as well as what you put down your drain.

Next, you should get the whole tank pumped and maintained regularly. Most households need to get their septic system cleaned every two years. This will help to take out all the unnecessary material that is stuck inside and prevent major damages to it. If you get any kind of odor or suffer from backup, call a professional immediately and get it repaired before major damages are caused to the entire system.

By spending a little money to keep it functioning smoothly, you will be saving a lot in the long term because the tank will last you longer and work better.

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