Backwater-valve-and-two-cleanoutsDid you know that if you took care of your septic system properly, you may never need to change it? A little bit of cleaning and repairing along with regular pumping and checking of the tank can keep the whole system functioning beautifully.

How Your Septic System Functions

Before you get to the actual cleaning of the system, you need to understand how it works. To put it simply, the waste water from your toilets and drains go into the septic tank and they are split into three layers. All the heavy and solid matter sinks to the bottom over time and forms a layer of ‘sludge’.

Bacteria in the tank help to slow down the formation of the sludge so that it doesn’t build up too much. Similarly, all the lighter matter floats to the top and forms a layer of ‘scum’. So due to this separation of layers, the middle layer that is left is a clarified layer of liquid. This liquid then has an outlet and it is sent through pipes into the ground around the area.

Why Maintain your Septic Tank?

Maintaining a tank regularly may seem tiring and time consuming. However, a little bit of effort now can save you a lot of time and money later. If your septic tank isn’t checked and cleaned regularly, it could get clogged or start to overflow. This will mean that you may have to remediate the soil around the area or it may be dangerous for you and your family.

Instead of going through this trouble, call a professional who is licensed to clean septic systems and get it checked every year. Usually, you will only have to get it pumped once in four years or so. Of course, this period will vary based on the amount of waste that goes into the system, the size of the system and the number of people who live in the house.

Tips to Keep your Tank Functioning Well

In order to keep your septic system working smoothly, you should also ensure that you take care of what you put down your drain on a regular basis. Avoid flushing too many harsh chemicals down the drain because they can kill the bacteria in the tank. You should also be very careful about what you flush because if it does not get broken down properly, it can clog the system or the sludge can build up and cause the sewage to overflow. This could then come into the drains and toilets as back-up. Tree roots and shrubs that grow over the system can damage it so keep an eye out for that too. Have the tank inspected every year and get it cleaned whenever necessary.

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