A septic system may fail for a number of reasons. Solid substances can get stuck and cause blockages within the pipes or at the outlets. This could mean large volumes of water forcing the sludge into the whole distribution channel and the whole absorption field may get flooded. When this happens, the bacteria from the system can die, making the whole septic tank useless and also causing a lot of inconvenience to you and your family.

How to Identify a Septic System Failure

It can be pretty difficult to figure out if something has failed within the septic system. Firstly, it could take a lot of time before you actually start seeing any signs within the house and secondly, you may just write off these signs as a simple plumbing problem. While backups in the toilets, gurgling in the drains and sewage in the house are common signs, there are a few things you can be on the lookout for even outside your house so that you can catch a failure quickly and get it attended to.

• Even this may seem like a good thing, if you suddenly start to see patches of green turf or an area near the septic tank that needs to be flourishing more than others, it is possible that the soil below it is saturated with effluents. Since septic waste contains a lot of phosphate and nitrate, it acts as a fertilizer to the soil. When there is a leak, excess effluents may get into the soil.

• Sudden pools of effluents in the soil are a more obvious sign of a leak or over-saturation of the system. The smell of the effluents will also be a pretty obvious indicator. This should be treated immediately since it can be very dangerous to the health of your family as well as your neighbors.

Why You Need a Toronto Professional to Maintain the Septic System

A lot of people think they can fix their septic tanks on their own without any professional help. Never ever try to do that. If you try to enter the tank without the right experience and knowledge, you can suffer some serious injury. Drowning and suffocation are very possible due to the gases that are trapped within the tank. Besides your own safety, if you try to repair the tank and something goes wrong, you may just damage it to the point where it needs to be replaced. Replacing a septic system is very expensive and will add up to a lot more than getting it cleaned and maintained regularly by a professional.

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