Hello, there seems to be a serious clog in the toilet drain at my girlfriend’s apartment at Toronto downtown. The drain was triggered by flushing food down the toilet.

Attempts to unclog have failed. I have tried a solid rubber plunger (with flange) as well as a 3ft-long toilet auger/snake, which was inserted all the way in and rotated, but nothing came out.

Also, the bathtub was backing up last night when I was using the plunger. All this makes it seem that there is a problem further down than the actual toilet unit itself.

The issue is that we are on the 10th floor of an apartment building and are not sure if service could be performed this weekend, or if permission could be acquired from the landlord/property management in a timely manner. I’m not entirely sure if this is required, either.

Can you let me know what our options are, if we need to contact our landlord first before allowing plumbers on site, as well as a cost estimate for unclogging the type of blockage described above?

Thank you!

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