Sewer Drain CloggedSigns your sewer drain is clogged means that something is going to back up, a toilet, sink, washer or floor drain. Somewhere there is going to be a lot of messy water. A clogged drain will at first affect one part of the house, but if it is not taken care of soon more drains will be affected and cost more money to fix.

The signs of a clogged drain can be multiple clogs. If there is only one location that is backing up then that is no doubt the location of the problem. If multiple drains are backing up then the source is probably the sewer drain. When the problem is a clogged sewer drain the first area to show a problem will be the bathroom toilet. The lower levels of the house are going to show a clog first. You must call a plumber as soon as possible to prevent any further damages.

If you are using a plumbing fixture and some unusual things start to happen, such as flushing the toilet and having the bathtub back up. If you see bubbles come up in the toilet when you are using the sink there is a problem needing attention right away. If you are using the washing machine and the water backed up through the hose onto the floor or the toilet overflows you will have to call the plumber.

Sometimes if you are emptying water out of a kitchen drain and your washer is in close proximity you may hear a gurgling sound and this can signal a clogged drain. If you surmise that you have a main line that is clogged it will have to be cleaned out with a jet by the plumber. If the main line is clogged, water will come up through the four-inch floor pipe in the basement. Check this floor drain every few weeks. If you notice a slight amount of water, seeping through the top of the drain, a clog is trying to build somewhere in the pipes.

Some other signs of a clogged pipe is if there is a back flow of sewage coming into the basement and drain pipes. There will be a strong sewage smell from the drains. Another thing to be mindful of is the toilet. Watch the water level. When you flush the toilet make, sure the water level returns to the same level it was at before flushing.

Only the plumber can find out how to remedy a clogged pipe. If you happen to have trees near your sewage line, the roots could clog the line. If the main sewage line is clogged the plumber will have to run a camera through the lines. This will assure the homeowner that the problem does not lie with the city sewage lines.

Drain clogs are more serious than most people realize. We all know they can cause a mess in the any Toronto house, a clogged drain can spread nasty germs, bacteria, mold and can do a lot more water damage. This is why it is serious enough to call the Mister Plumber!

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