copper pipe caused leakA huge puddle of water in the middle of your bathroom floor is an obvious sign that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. But most leaks remain hidden until they cause enough costly damage to be noticed.

5 signs of a possible hidden water leak are standing water, visible damage, musty odor in the home, a dripping or hissing sound, and a high water bill.

Visible Water Damage

If you notice a small brown spot on your ceiling, chances are that there is a leaky pipe or fitting somewhere above. But before knocking a hole in your ceiling, be aware that water flows until it finds a place to pool. The actual leak may be anywhere so it would be best to call an experienced professional to do an inspection.

A water spot on a wall may be caused by a pipe just inside the wall or it may be caused by water which has trickled down from an upstairs room.

Mold or mildew growth on ceilings, floors, or walls may also indicate a leak. A buckled floor is also a sign of a leak. Be sure to call a pro as soon as possible so the damage becomes no worse.

Sounds and Smells of a Leak

Everyone is familiar with the sound of water hissing through plumbing. But what if you hear this when there are no faucets open? Try to determine where the sound is most noticeable. This will help your plumber find the leak more quickly.

Mold and mildew loves wet and dark places. A leak hidden in a wall or under a floor is ideal habitat. A musty or earthy odor is an indication of a possible mold infestation which may be caused by leaky plumbing, but it is nearly impossible to determine the location of a leak by sniffing around because the air currents in your house will carry the odor throughout your home.

Once you have ruled out innocuous causes of mold odor such as damp laundry and scents carried in through a window by a breeze, it is time to call a plumber.

High Water Bill

An unexpectedly high water bill may also indicate a leak. One drop of water every second from a leaky pipe may raise your monthly bill by almost two dollars.

Bigger leaks cause bigger bills. It may be wise to call a Toronto professional for a plumbing system inspection if you can find no other possible causes for an unusually high water bill.

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