Inside of PVCA backed up sewer can be a messy affair, complete with water leaks, bad smells, and damage to floors and appliances. Fortunately, these consequences only occur if the backed up sewer is not noticed or dealt with in a timely fashion. So what are some of the telltale signs that your sewer might be backed up, and how should you handle it if there is a clog?

The top four warning signs of a potential back-up are as follows:

Main Line Malfunction

If your home has a main line clean out, you can use that to assess whether or not you are experiencing a sewer back up. Start by locating the clean out drain and removing the cap. If you find water flowing up and out of the line or sediment inside of it, these signs indicate that you likely have a backed up sewer.

Clogging in Multiple Appliances

One of the most obvious signs of a backed up sewer is when multiple plumbing fixtures within the home have difficulty draining at the same time. Toilets tend to be the most affected, but many other fixtures can be involved. Sinks and shower drains may also experience back up, which usually involves water coming up from the drain pipe. Note if any of your drains have begun to underperform. If they are draining slowly or not at all, there may be a main line sewer issue.

Bad Smell from Drains

This is fairly self-explanatory, but can be a huge factor in determining whether or not there is a sewer back up. If there is a stench emanating from multiple drains in your home, the odor could mean that a back up has occurred or, at least, has started to

Fixture Malfunctions

Unexpected fixture malfunctions are also a good indicator that there may be a back up. If, for instance, flushing the toilet results in water coming back up from the pipe, this may be an indicator. Try running the bathroom sink to see if bubbles emerge from the toilet. Toilet bubbles signify that air is trapped in the pipes, which is likely caused by a backed up main sewer line.
So what should you do if you encounter one or more of these signs or if a back up has already occurred?

Protect Your Family and Pets

First and foremost, get your family and pets away from areas that have been affected by backed up sewage. This water can be very contaminated, so it is important not to attempt to clean it yourself and to avoid the area until a professional is available to assess and handle the situation.

Turn Off A/C

Central air conditioning and heating units should be turned off as soon as a back up is noticed. If they continue to run it is possible that debris from the sewer back up could enter the floor vents, causing additional damage and incurring more costs.

Contact a Toronto Professional

Because backups can lead to damage in the home, it is best to call a Toronto professional at the first sign of a backup. Calling in someone who understands plumbing is vital to getting your pipes under control.

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