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In every Brampton household or condo unit, plumbing fixtures play a vital role in daily life. While they function seamlessly when new, over time, wear and tear can lead to leaks, diminished performance, and aesthetic deterioration. Factors such as mineral buildup, corrosion, temperature fluctuations, and misuse contribute to these issues. When faced with plumbing fixture challenges, professional assistance becomes essential for effective repair or replacement. With over two decades of experience, Mister Plumber proudly serves Brampton with comprehensive plumbing and drain services. Our licensed plumbers specialize in fixture repair, replacement, new installations, and upgrades, covering sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, bidets, laundry tubs, and more.


In kitchens and bathrooms, sinks are indispensable fixtures, each requiring precise installation according to Ontario codes for optimal drainage and function. Mister Plumber boasts extensive experience in installing modern sinks, including deep kitchen sinks and wall-hung bathroom vanities. Our expertise ensures Brampton residents receive top-quality service and craftsmanship for all sink installations.



With alcove, drop-in, and freestanding options, bathtubs demand specialized approaches based on subfloor conditions, location, and adjacent fixtures. Proper drain and plumbing connections are paramount for long-lasting functionality and leak prevention. Our licensed plumbers utilize high-quality parts and adhere to all necessary regulations and insurance requirements for condo unit installations, delivering peace of mind to Brampton residents.

Free stand bathtub and floor mounted tap in Toronto


Customized to homeowner preferences, showers offer versatility in size and shape, typically featuring tiled bases or prefabricated fiberglass pans. Mister Plumber excels in providing tailored solutions, offering PVC waterproofing liners or membranes for custom showers and ensuring meticulous drain alterations for acrylic base installations. With extensive renovation project experience, we collaborate closely with general contractors to deliver exceptional results, considering all aspects of shower design and functionality.

Shower fixtures installation


As essential fixtures, toilets come in various styles and configurations, each requiring careful consideration during installation. Our skilled plumbers specialize in installing floor-mounted and wall-hung toilets, guiding customers in choosing reputable brands for easy access to replacement parts. Whether it’s upgrading to elongated or comfort-height bowls or ensuring proper flange attachment, Mister Plumber delivers superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in every toilet installation.

New toilet installation

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When it comes to plumbing fixture replacement or new installations, Mister Plumber is your reliable partner. Our commitment to expertise, craftsmanship, prompt service, and affordability has earned the trust of homeowners throughout Brampton. No project is too big or small for our dedicated team, whether it’s a single toilet installation or a large-scale renovation. Embracing new technologies and employing modern tools and equipment, we ensure timely and efficient service delivery. In addition to plumbing and drain work, we offer valuable advice and insights for kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects.

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