Sewer line inspectionDrain blockage is a common problem prevailing in homes and commercial places. Blockage can be due to various reasons. Bad house keeping is one of the main reason when the Toronto homeowners maintain their kitchen s and bathrooms poorly. Stuffs like nappies, cotton buds, sanitary goods are such material which cause the drains to get blocked. There are various techniques and tools used by numerouse expert drain snaking Toronto technicians.

Gone are the days when excavation was the only way for drain repair. With advanced technology many new tools are came into existence that suits your system and work according to the actual cause of the damage. Many sewer backup Toronto professionals offer services to meet your requirements regarding drain maintenance.

Snake Your Drain with Toronto Plumbers

Drain snaking can be done by using an auger, a coiled piece which is known as snake with handle on one hand. We use two types of plumbing snakes that are drain augers and closet augers.

Toilet Snaking

Toilet blockage is one of the most common problems in old households. Toilet auger can be used if the blockage is in the toilet itself. But to use any other type of snake in the toilet is not safe. An auger can easily be pushed into the throat of the toilet before going through the toilet trap and toilet bowl never get scratched. As the cable is stiff so it never loops back on itself when it hits the blockage for which it is designed to remove.

Tub Snaking

Over flow method is used to snake the tubs and showers. Your hair can be the main reason of tub blockage so make sure that there is no hair if the tub gets blocked. If you find the cross-hairs clean then blockade could be further down the line, then you can snake the drain through overflow. Use a thin cable thickness of 1/4” to 1/5” to drain the tub.

Kitchen Snaking

Clean-outs on the outside wall are usually their in kitchen drains. Many times from their we snake out the kitchens. But if the blockage is there before the clean out, you need to disconnect the trap under the kitchen sink and then snake out the drain line.

Main Line Drain Snaking

These main lines are usually bigger and are approximately are of 3”. So, we need a comparatively large drain snake to clean the blockage. Small and medium sized drain cables can not be used as it can cause problems as can double back on itself. Use large drain snake as they are rigid and won’t stuck easily.

Snaking a drain is used on the account of type of blockage and the place where blockage has taken the place. Different tools and techniques we used like auger, overflow accordingly. Well maintained housekeeping is an important aspect which can prevent your drains to get blocked.

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