How does it feel to have something like hard water slowly deteriorating your quality of your life? This is a question that a lot of people don’t know to ask because, while most people probably suffer the symptoms of living in a house that runs hard water, most people are completely unaware of its negative ramifications

Hard Water is Detrimental to Your Health & Appearence

There are two types of hard water: the kind that is partly good and partly bad for you and the kind that is 100% bad for you. All hard water is bad for your home, for example, the reason for those spots in your dishes is hard water. The residue on your bathroom fixtures that cannot be cleaned off is hard water.

The grimy mildew on your wedding ring is probably due to hard water. Your clothes looking worn and drab is likely due to hard water as well.

Mineral Excess and Contaminants

The majority of your water comes from sewers that often contain elements like motor oil and chemicals that are poisonous. If the water company cannot clean and remove the minerals that are commonly found in hard water, how can you expect them to effectively remove all of the toxic remnants that are often found in sewer water?

You pay a hefty mortgage for your home every month and send your kids to the best schools, just so that you can ensure that their uniforms look poorer and more drab then the rest of the students in her class?

Or, will you take a stand, do something about your hard water and get rid it once and for all, make sure the value of her clothes outlasts the value of all of her classmates..

Water Quality

Soft water is essentially pure and clean water. Rainwater is soft water. If you’ve ever noticed that you have water spots on your car after washing it with a water hose and you don’t have those spots wing your car is rained on, it is because rainwater is soft. Soft water does not leave grimy residue on your shower doors and curtains.

It does not make your bathroom faucets look like pale, unpolished steel. Although mineral water is great for drinking, it is bad for everything else, including your pipes, where the buildup and calcification of minerals will often lead to blockages in your plumbing infrastructure, which is as dangerous for your home as blocked arteries are for a human being.

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