Toronto-plumbers plumbing serviceFrom time to time, every Toronto home and business owner needs the assistance of a professional, licensed plumber. For many consumers, choosing a professional who can take care of plumbing needs proves difficult. Perhaps you’re worried about how you can vet a new plumber or how you can know that a given plumbing technician has the experience needed to meet your needs.

Thankfully, choosing a professional to take care of your Toronto area residential or commercial plumbing needs doesn’t need to be difficult. Instead of flipping blindly through the yellow pages or staring at dozens of business websites, use these six easy steps to hire a plumbing professional to meet your needs. Remember that spending time to choose the right plumber in Toronto today can save you plenty of headaches tomorrow.

Reduce Your Plumbing Needs

One of the easiest ways that Toronto home and business owners can cut down on the stress of choosing and paying for a plumber is simply to cut down on overall plumbing needs. You can do this by proactively addressing any plumbing problems, such as leaky faucets or clogged drains, as soon as they start acting up. You can also cut down on the need to hire a plumber by keeping hair, grease and other debris out of your drains in the first place. Finally, you can sign up for a maintenance contract with a professional plumber that will ensure your plumbing is always running right with periodic inspections and cleaning.

Buy Your Own Plumbing Fixtures

If you call a plumber in the Toronto area to fix a problem shower head or a leaky faucet, consider purchasing the replacement fixture before the plumber even gets to your home or business. Buying fixtures on your own is significantly less expensive than asking a plumbing professional to buy them and bill the costs to you. With so many home improvement and decor stores in the greater Toronto area, there’s no reason to pay above-market prices for plumbing fixtures.

Compare Hourly Rates for Plumbers

Before you choose a Toronto area plumbing professional to tackle a project, spend some time shopping around. Get written estimates for the work that includes a complete breakdown of the plumber’s hourly rate. Shopping around for a professional plumbing company that offers a competitive rate can help you save hundreds of dollars on major repair and remodeling projects.

Reduce Billable Time

You’ll pay for a plumber’s time from the moment they enter your home or business. This is why it’s essential that you reduce the plumber’s total billable time. Before your service professional arrives at your Toronto home or office, clear unnecessary items from the work area. Make a list of all the plumbing problems that you need addressed and ask your plumbing technician to take care of them all at the same time. If you’re unsure of what’s causing your plumbing problems, make a comprehensive list of symptoms. These simple steps can cut down on hours of billable time.

Use Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures

When a major fixture such as a toilet or kitchen sink stops working correctly in your Toronto Valley home or office, it can be tempting to pay for stop-gap repairs instead of replacing the fixture. However, you’re likely to save more money if you bite the bullet and replace the problem fixture as soon as it starts acting up. When choosing replacement fixtures, look for water-saving items that can help you cut down on repair needs and water bills.

Remodel with Your Plumbing in Mind

Home and business owners in the Toronto area who are considering remodeling their spaces should be sure to plan for their future plumbing needs. Before you begin work, get quotes from at least three plumbers. Think ahead to how you’ll use the new space so that you can have water and sewer lines installed during the remodel. Going back later to have fixtures and lines added to a newly remodeled space will be both expensive and time consuming.

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