At some point, drains are bound to get blocked up, whether from grease or food, hair, sanitary solutions or even children’s toys if not carefully played with. When it comes to drainage clearing, many smaller jobs can take a DIY route for clearing. However, for the bigger drainage clearing jobs from sink blockages to sewer repair, a professional plumbing company may need to get involved and perform Mississauga drain cleaning.

Below we have compiled a list of 5 signs that the drains in your home need clearing by a professional.

– The Drain Doesn’t Drain: If your drain isn’t draining, it’s definitely time to call a professional to have the issues resolved. Blockages can build up over time from numerous causes, ranging from soap deposits to hair in the pipes, and when they build up too far the drains will get completely blocked. Once this occurs, drain cleaning is the only option to regain proper drainage.

– The Drain Drains Slowly: The precursor to the above step of complete drain blockage is slow draining. When your drains are slow to do their job, it means blockages and build-ups are beginning to clog the pipes. This is the time to be proactive and have your drains cleaned before they become completely blocked.

– The Drain Smells Funky: Foul or funky smells coming from your drain indicate the need for a drain cleaning. Foul smells can be caused from food or residue backing up in the pipes, or even a small rodent that has gotten stuck in the pipe and is stinking the place up. Calling a plumber to come clear the pipes will clear your house of the funky smells.

– The Drain Gurgles: If you hear gurgling sounds from your shower or sink drain after usage, this is a sign of blockage occurring down in the pipes. The gurgling sound comes from trapped air in the blockage that is released through the water that sits atop it in the pipe. Your drains shouldn’t make noise, so if it’s gurgling back at you after use its time to have it cleaned.

– The Drain Floods the Basement: The worst case scenario of drain blockage is the drain leaking water into your household. Besides having to deal with smelly drain water, leakage in your house could lead to lasting damage, from rotting wood to growing mold and mildew. Any sign of drain leakage means it’s time to call a professional to come inspect your pipes before too much damage occurs.

Drain blockage is bound to occur in any home. When it does, Mister Plumber is ready to help clear out any issues with Mississauga drain cleaning in your home may face.

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