At Mister Plumber, we have a Mississauga, ON plumber who can handle any questions thrown their way. This time of year, it’s quite common for customers to ask questions about sump pump installation. And with good reason, of course. Those spring rain showers can range in severity to the point where basements in homes across Mississauga, ON will begin to see their share of flooding. A sump pump can provide reliable protection against flood waters, allowing to preserve your basement and save tons of money on water damage restoration.

But even though the team here at Mister Plumber can install a sump pump in your home, there is one other questions we get asked – what causes basement flooding in the first place? Of course, when the water comes flowing into your home, you’re probably less concerned on what actually caused it and more focused just cleaning it up. But as far as we’re concerned, identifying what can go wrong in your basement that would allow for the possibility of flooding is one step in knowing exactly what to do in getting it fixed.

Common Causes for Basement Flooding

While there are many things that can make your basement flood, our Mississauga, ON plumber would probably identify the following as the most common:

– Your home is more likely to experience flooding when the home is constructed on an unfit location. This will usually apply to homes built on sloped terrains, which will allow accumulated water to drain. If your home is built on the lower end of your estate, flooding can occur easily.
– Floods in your basement will often begin due to leaks in its walls and floors. Leaks are due to poor wall and floor sealing that isn’t durable enough to withstand any considerable amount of incoming water.
– Blocked gutter systems are another common cause of basement flooding. The manifold connecting your house to the public septic system can become clogged, which can result in flooding in your basement. This problems needs to be fixed as soon as possible as it can allow water to build in dangerously high levels.
– Basement flooding may even boil down to having an improperly installed or broken sump pump. If your sump pump is not kicking on when flood waters begin to enter your home, you need to call for emergency plumbing service who can either repair or replace your sump pump in an instant.

Contact Mister Plumber today if you want a Mississauga, ON plumber to provide you with high-quality sump pump service to guarantee your home remains flood-free.

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