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This is a question anyone who rents or owns a home eventually faces. A home really isn’t livable without a faucet or a few of them. Leaky faucets are common and many people simply ignore them. You have faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, and in the bathtub. If there’s a persistent leak, you should consider having a Mississauga, ON plumber replace it.

A faucet that is leaking can waste hundreds of gallons of water every month. Forget about people at home being annoyed by dripping water sounds. The cost of higher water bills can really hurt your budget. If your faucet is faulty, it can also lead to more expensive plumbing repairs if left unchecked. Studies have shown the average American can cut 10% off their water bill just by fixing dripping faucets!

Other Ways to Suspect a Problem

The typical faucet has an o-ring, valve seat, and washer. Problems with these parts can cause leaks. They can also indicate the assembly should be replaced with a newer one.

– O-ring: A small disc that is attached to a stem screw, which holds the faucet handle together. A loose or worn o-ring is a common leak point. Regular use eventually leads to o-ring issues. It can often be replaced as a solution but check the rest of the faucet to be sure there are no other problems.
– Valve seat: Corrosion can affect this connection point for the faucet. Common issues include the accumulation of sediments and corrosion; often eroded material is a result of corrosion brought on by water sediments. A Glendale plumber may be needed to properly clean this area or replace the faucet.
– Washer: Washers naturally wear out leading to faucet repair or replacement. They can also be installed wrong or not be the right size.

Be Sure the Problem Is Fixed for Good

Faucets also consist of seals that can become contaminated or leaky. Various other parts can fail due to regular use. Loose steam screws, nuts, and the adjusting ring can leak. It’s not a big job to tighten faucet parts, but an older unit is often best replaced with something that is guaranteed to last. Have a plumber do a thorough check to be sure the unit is solid.

Basically any time water isn’t running properly or the faucet isn’t responding the way it should, a professional should replace it. Rusty faucets can be a health hazard. Replacing it will take the worry away plus potentially save on water bills.

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Your Mississauga, ON plumber has the experience to quickly find the problem and the most cost-effective solution. Lots of money can be saved just by fixing a simple faucet.

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