Backflow prevention devices include durable one-way valves that block water from full sewer pipes from entering your home water supply. Sewers can back up during heavy rain or after the snow melts. Such a problem can happen no matter where you live and often does at an unexpected and least convenient time. It often leads to extensive damage and costs.

Here are three benefits to having a Mississauga, ON plumber protect your home with backflow prevention.

– Keep Contamination Out of Your Home: A backflow prevention system will keep the contaminants that can back up from sewers out of your house. This is the most critical benefit. Sewers are filled with health hazards including human waste, bacteria, pesticides, or just about any material you don’t want to come in contact with. Having sewage back up into your home can expose your family to a wide range of diseases. Not to mention the stench and mess requiring an immediate cleanup.
– Prevent the Effects of Flooding: Any time water or something backs up through your pipes, there is the risk for flooding. Water can do tremendous damage to wood, tiles, insulation, and the structure of your home. It is expensive to remove and even more so to fix the damage. Also, it can take a long time to recover from a flood; both in getting your home livable again and making up for the cost. It’s better to invest in backflow prevention than to have to deal with a flood, contractors, insurance companies, and the grief of coping with such an event.
– Financial Savings: If sewage were to back up into your home, the costs could be insurmountable. You need to consider the cost of cleanup, decontamination, repairs and, in the worst case scenarios, room and board. If you’re relying on an insurer to cover everything, make sure you have good flood insurance, but even then you might find yourself fit with the bill for certain services. Damaged plumbing, furniture, walls, appliances, and structural materials can add to the already massive bill. These can all be avoided by installing a system that can prevent backflow.

You can see it is therefore wise to invest in backflow prevention. Flooding is not uncommon in suburban Chicago and this is one way to protect your home and investments. One common cause is backflow. Your Mississauga, ON plumber can install, maintain, or repair/replace backflow preventing equipment with a high degree of training and expertise. Call Mister Plumber to get the best backflow prevention solution or have the backflow preventer checked before there is a problem.

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