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As plumbing regulations have evolved, many homes in Scarborough find themselves with outdated infrastructure. Originally constructed with minimal plumbing fixtures, these homes have been renovated over the years, increasing the demand for water supply. However, the existing 1/2″ lead or copper water service lines often fail to provide adequate pressure, particularly when multiple fixtures are in use simultaneously. Scarborough homeowners now have the opportunity to upgrade their main underground water pipes, ensuring ample water pressure to meet their household demands. To undertake this important task, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a licensed Toronto contractor authorized for such work. In Scarborough, residents can rely on Mister Plumber for expert underground pipe upgrades. In accordance with current Ontario plumbing codes, the minimum size for the main water line in a single-family dwelling is 3/4″ inside diameter, with the option for a larger 1” size upon request. Mister Plumber takes pride in providing top-notch water service line upgrades for over two decades, with our licensed plumbers possessing extensive expertise and knowledge in plumbing work.

3/4" underground water service upgrade in Scarborough

Methods of Pipe Upgrade:

There are three primary methods of water line replacement: torpedo drilling, trench excavation, and a combination of both, depending on soil conditions. Whenever feasible, we prioritize torpedo drilling to minimize disruption to landscaping. With this method, a single hole approximately 3×3 feet is excavated at the property line, allowing a torpedo to create an underground channel from the basement to the hole where the new pipe is inserted. Trench excavation is typically employed in new construction projects where the soil is heavily compacted and has never been excavated. In cases where the water pipe must follow a curved path, requiring multiple holes to be dug, a combination of trench excavation and torpedo drilling is utilized. The new pipe we install is made of soft temper copper, allowing it to be bent with a long radius to accommodate changes in direction from the initial city connection point to the basement water meter location.

Scarborough Home's Underground Water Service

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