Clogged bathroom or kitchen sink are among the common plumbing problems we encounter at home. There are so many identified causes that contribute to this problem and I think that it is just wise to know the things that shouldn’t be near your sink in order to prevent it from clogging. Major plumbing issues can cause us a hefty sum of money thus before it happens, one should know the major factors that may lead to this problem in order to consider necessary preventive measures.

Among the many common causes of clogs are as follows:

Tiny Objects

It is inevitable to have small objects here, there and everywhere when you have small kids at home. Toys, food particles and other small materials could get into your sink and when undetected, they will catch up with hair and grease causing your sink to clog. It could be a small hair pin, a screw from one of the toys that your child frequently plays or a small piece of plastic. It is therefore important to keep these things from your bathroom or kitchen sink.


 Anything oily and fatty would make up a sticky usually dirty whitish material that would trap other food particles thereby causing a clog.


Hair strands contribute to some clogging issues in your sink. Hair strands cannot be dissolved, it stays in place and when combined with grease and other small particles cause major clogs.


Food residue may accumulate and forms a clog over time. Oily and greasy food particles from    the food that we eat are usually left in the plates and so when washed; some particles may stay  thereby forming a clog after a considerable amount of time.

Apart from those already mentioned above, there are many other household items that we have at home that should not be placed near the sink. Small coins, buttons, threads and other small particles made of plastic or metal. Indeed, prevention can ease the possible stress caused by plumbing problems at home.

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