Antique TapMono Tap: This tap is controlled by only one lever and is able to mix cold and hot water through a single spout. Thinking of these, you need to make sure that the pressure of water in the cold and hot water supplies should be equal. This will enable these taps to work effectively. In case you feel you the water pressure are not equal you can think of the mono mixer with the dual flow.

Pillar Tap

These taps seem to be ideal for the bath as well as the basin. The lever handle and the cross head characterizes this. It is a much preferred tap as it is affordable and also easy to install.

Mixer Tap

This type of a tap has two handles on both the sides of one spout. It is able to mix cold and hot water in the tap’s body thus being able to control the temperature and the flow of water. These types might be right if you are looking for something which is elegant but you need to know that you require a high pressure for these to work effectively. You can think of installing a pump so that the tap can get the required pressure.

Different Materials

Talking about materials, you have a choice between brass, brushed nickel, nickel, and weathered copper and also antique gold. You need to also make sure whether you require ceramic levers or levers which are solid. It is definitely possible to buy antique taps which have been restored as they do their job just as well.

Choosing Antique Taps

Before you buy an antique tap you need to make sure they work, as said, ‘looks can be deceptive’. This usually happens in cases where the antique taps are restored cosmetically and not for the purpose of using them, like a show piece. It is advisable to get it checked if you require antique taps which are in god working conditions.

A little time and effort is required

You do require time and effort to make sure you are buying the right antique taps. You can look for them online or visit the different shops which sell these. It is better to keep your options open and not buy the first one you come across as you might find better bargains elsewhere. Since the kitchen or even the bathroom can be a reflection of the owner it is better to wait a little and take your time in buying these.

You can think of the antique taps if you are willing to spend a little more as compared to the usual taps as it is a rare item.

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