Plumbing EmergencyThere are several areas in the home that involve plumbing. All you have to do is look around the bathroom, kitchen and even outside of the home to find faucets, pipes and drains. As with any major item in the home, you will find that there could be emergencies that need to be handled.

You can find a reputable emergency Toronto plumber by reading reviews online, asking friends and family or asking if the plumber that you ordinarily use offers emergency services.

You want to find a Toronto plumbing company that will discuss the issue and what it will take to fix it before making any final decisions. There are some common plumbing emergencies that you might see more than others in the home and tips to follow to handle them.

Turn Off The Water And Gas

In any plumbing emergency, you want to make sure the water is turned off. There should be a main valve to turn off the water to the entire home. Make sure you know where this valve is located. You also need to know how to turn off the gas to the home in the event that plumbing components, such as the water heater.

Duct Tape

This can be something ideal to use for sealing cracks in pipes until you can get another piece of pipe. Use a tape that is waterproof and that is wide so that it covers the most area possible. Teflon tape can also be used.

Frozen Pipes

If there is no water flow in the winter, it can be a sign that the pipes are frozen. Wrap the pipes ahead of time in order to prevent this situation.

Turn the heat in the home up so that there is more warm air flowing through the house. A plumber can come to the home to thaw out the pipes safely so that they don’t burst, leading to more repairs that are needed.


Sometimes, you might not know that there is a water leak until you get a higher water bill. You can listen for a sound that is similar to air coming from the pipes if you suspect that there is a leak. A plumber can use special tools to find a leak that is outside or under the ground.

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