Clogged drains are always a tedious problem which can also be considered as plumbing emergency. It is vital to resolve the problem of unclogged drains as soon as possible. Unclogged drains have so many indications such as water gurgles and get drained very slowly, you can sense bad odor. Nowadays, backflow preventers are available in the market to prevent backward flow of water in the systems.

General Tips to Use a Plunger

Choose a Proper Plunger for the Job

All Plungers are different and not equally created. We have basically two types of plunger which are – a cup plunger and the second one is the flange plunger. Cup plunge is the most familiar and considered as the best for sinks, bathtubs and showers. Whereas, in the flange type there is an extended rubber lip which provides a better seal for toilets.

Plunger Should be in Good Repair

Your plunger should always be in proper condition. Any tears of the rubber part(known as a cup or Bell) of the plunger will accomplice in poor vacuum sealing and good pressure will also not made. After using the plunger, they should be kept clean and dry in order to prevent cracking.

Plunger Should Never be Used with Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Dangerous chemicals can splatter onto your skin or clothing while performing plumbing actions. So, it is better to use chemicals only when plunger fails to do the job. Local plumbers stress that most of the emergencies are related to strange things/stuff stuck in the drains meant for water disposal.

Avoid Excess of Water While Plunging

There should not be excess of water in the tub, toilet or sink, it can create a mess during plunging. But, remember, water should be there because without water, cup of the plunger can not make a vacuum seal. Thus, no pressure would be generated. So, keep the water but not in excess.

Burp the Air Out From the Plunger Cup

Never leave too much air in the plunger cup. Air is compressible so, if the cup is filled with air, the clog will not draw as much force. Whereas, a cup filled with water, intense force will be generated. So, make sure to let the air come out of the Cup.

Real Tight Seal

By adding Petroleum jelly to the bell cup of plunger you can improvise the seal around the plunger. Thus, suction will be improved. With this method you can also prevent it from getting dry and cracking.

Plunging is the most common and familiar method to be used for unclogging the drains. With these above mentioned tips you can improvise the technique in order to unclog the drains. You must be aware of how does this plunger works. It has basically a cup or bell ( rubber material) which help in making vacuum seals and generate intense force to resulting in unclogging the drain.

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