As the colder weather of Fall approaches, there are many Toronto home maintenance tasks to be completed.

One of these should involve the garbage disposal, which is often looked upon by many people as an appliance that needs little or no maintenance. However, the disposal is one appliance that should have regular maintenance if it is to continue working properly.

Otherwise, it is a kitchen appliance that can be prone to breakdowns and costly repair bills if not properly looked after.

But by taking the time to make sure the garbage disposal is well taken care of, Toronto homeowners can assure themselves of few if any problems over the years.

Watch the Silverware

Many people, especially those who have just had a garbage disposal installed, find themselves having their silverware falling down the disposal. A common problem, it can also prove to be a costly one.

When silverware becomes entangled in the disposal’s blades, it can cause significant damage and result in a service call from a plumber. In most cases, the damage is often bad enough to warrant replacing the unit itself.

Avoid Potato Peels

While most garbage disposals can handle potato peels, it has been determined that it’s best to not put them in garbage disposals. The reasoning for this is that the starches contained in potatoes turn into thick pastes when in garbage disposals, and then cause the blades to stick.

When this happens, the paste acts much like cement, making it very difficult to repair the unit. Along with potato peels, foods such as pasta should also not find their way into the family garbage disposal.

These foods expand once they get wet, which can lead to additional problems involving drains that can become clogged or motors that can break down prematurely due to excessive use.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are good for many things, such as eliminating strong odors. In fact, many people use their coffee grounds to eliminate odors in garbage disposals. However, while the grounds are excellent for eliminating odors, they can inadvertently cause bigger problems.

Many times, the grounds will clog up drains and pipes and result in a person calling a plumber for assistance. If coffee grounds have stopped up drains and pipes, it is a job that can take several hours to clear all affected pipes and drains as well as inspect the disposal for any damage to the motor or blades.

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